Monty Roberts’ Censored Wikipedia Entry

Wikipedia Censors Truth About Monty Roberts

Wikipedia has an extensive entry about horseman Monty Roberts.  The “Controversies” section, however, remains highly censored by Wiki web mavens when it comes to the a WIPO decision and the Santa Barbara District Attorney.

This is How the Controversy Section SHOULD read:

Roberts strongly disagrees with his father’s training methods, which he describes as “almost torturing the animals into submission”.<ref name=”listen”/> However, the senior Roberts’ book, on page 55, also describes some training methods similar to the “Join-up” technique,<ref name=DadBook/> and blogger John Dolan, who posted extensively at has noted other parallels between the training methods of father and son.

<ref>[  Dolan, John Anti-Monty Roberts Book Review-”Horse Whispers & Lies”, March 3, 2009]</ref> The book Horse Whispers and Lies (Reference Link: written respectively by Debra Ann Ristau (Monty Roberts’ cousin) and Joyce Renebome (his aunt) greatly details the inaccuracies of Monty Roberts’  story. 

In 2000 [[WIPO]] ruled against an individual, who had registered, saying he had “engaged in abusive registration” and transferred ownership to Roberts–Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc. Case No. D2000-0300. The case was decided by a single arbiter associated with WIPO by the name of Frederick M. Abbott (Sole Panelist).  Abbott totally ignored the fact that Monty Roberts is a public figure and the registrants had legitimate uses for the domains to disseminate news and information related to his deceits, fraudulent business practices, horse abuse and the dispute with his family members.<ref>{{cite web|last=Dolan|first=John|title=Monty and the WIPO Domain Name Dispute (Reference link: 

Prior to this judgement, Roberts alleges that an individual attempted to blackmail him for $90,000 to transfer the domain name.[33] However, the truth is that the man was involved in a lawsuit with Roberts that centered around Roberts’ training of the man’s mustang horse.  The horse had been at Roberts’ Flag is Up Farms in Solvang, CA for a full six months where it received no training as had been promised.  Crawford Hall, the farm manager simply had one of the farm’s riders walk the horse around the park-like property a couple of times a week and pretended that the horse had been trained.  When the horse returned home, it nearly killed the man’s partner which lead to the lawsuit. 

The individual sought reimbursement for medical bills which Roberts and his business manager Marty Roberts (Roberts’ son, an attorney himself) promised to pay.  Just after making that promise, Roberts complained to the Santa Barbara District Attorney that he was being blackmailed. (Reference Link: Monty Roberts Sued by Owners of Mustang). The D.A. never pursued the matter because they knew that Roberts was lying as they had become aware that a civil lawsuit was in progress. The man was later forced to drop the lawsuit after the judge in the case, a friend of Monty Roberts, had prejudiced the jury against him and his case. (Reference Link: Victims Drop Loawsuit Against Monty Roberts Because of Court Prejudice – Monty Owns the Judge!

SPECIAL NOTE:::::There are several areas inside Wikipedia discussion pages (talk pages) where one can view unsuccessful attempted edits of Monty Roberts’ page by numerous different users.  The website also claims they have heightened security of editing biographies of living persons but seemed all too eager to post incorrect/incomplete data related to Citizens for Justice journalist John Dolan and Monty’s victim. 

Interestingly, the person who tried to set the record straight by posting the new information was told by the Wikipedia administrator that John Dolan was not a reliable source using the link – but they had already accepted the John Dolan “Horse Whispers and Lies” Book Review linked from  in their original page creation and/or edit by some other user.  The way the Wikipedia entry reads now for Monty Roberts, one would hardly know that there was ANY controversy surrounding the horseman, his methods or anything else.  It isn’t the source material that’s suspect, but rather Wikipedia’s power tripping admins and the possibility that some pages are “protected” not to preserve the truth but rather to preserve some person’s “reputation” and bank account.