Monty Roberts Lies About Citizens for Justice

Monty Roberts & Citizens for Justice

Citizens for broke the Monty Roberts Fraud story in the late 1990s after lawsuits against him for fraud, deceit, neglect, breach of contract, animal abuse and human injury were swirling about.  Around the same time, Monty’s relatives were writing a book about him and his lies (READ: Horse Whispers and Lies, the book by his family – book review at to alert an unsuspecting public about the extent of those lies and his true nature.


Carradines vs Monty Roberts: Lawsuit involving “Big Red Fox”

B/M vs Monty Roberts: Lawsuit involving “Cody”, a mustang

This is what has to say about the Monty Roberts Fraud Case:

“Our most popular case to date has been that of horse trainer Monty Roberts (author of “The Man Who Listens to Horses” and “Shyboy”) who has built his reputation on lies and deceit to the detriment of many good, honest people and horses. We are proud to have been able to break the Monty Roberts fraud story.”

Monty Roberts likes to post fraudulent information on his website against an individual who sued him after his partner was nearly trampled to death by the horse that Monty and his people claimed they trained to be “bomb-proof”.  Monty lied to the sheriff’s department and said the man was trying to extort him.  TRUTH:  Monty Roberts and his son Marty Roberts (a lawyer and Monty’s business manager at the time) both agreed to pay the medical bills for the severely injured woman and then they reneged.  There was NO EXTORTION, NO Criminal Action, NO case persued by the Sheriff’s Department/District Attorney.  NOTHING.

Monty Roberts continues to lie to this day, also saying that the man was trying to extort him about website domain name registrations – READ THE WIPO case info.

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The victims of Monty’s lies were subsequently forced to drop their case against Monty Roberts because of judicial misconduct.  The trial was held in Roberts’ home county and the judge was a personal friend of his who refused to recuse himself.  Knowing that the trial was a total farce from the start, Marty Roberts, who had to ride his father’s coattails to success and his own wealth, turned to the victims and laughed at them when the judge refused to declare a mistrial based on his misconduct.  The disgraceful behavior was taught to him by his deceitful father, no doubt.

VISIT Roberts Case to see the extensive reporting done on this man, written for the most part by Washington DC journalist and blogger, John Dolan, with numerous contributions by horse trainers and others around the world who witnessed Roberts in action.

Monty Roberts is a liar and fraud.  To the people who love horses — SO DO WE!  What we don’t love is the fraudulent horse trainer.